Well bath time & bubbles can go awry when you have babies on the prowl.  The infants in our storytime are beginning to toddle and I was outmatched!  🙂

Just goes to show that bath time is never predictable!  We had fun with our songs, bounces & tickles, but we did have to cut our book time a bit short.  That’s A-OK though!  The beauty of babies is that they’re always ready to explore the world – they aren’t meant to just sit down; they learn through play and movement too!  For a printable list of ALL the songs, bounces, tickles & rhymes we shared, click here:  Infant Songs-Rhymes-Bath time


time for a bath

Sweetly illustrated, Time for a Bath! by Phillis Gershator may have been a bit too long for the infants (even though I paraphrased).  A little baby bunny explores the world by making a mess, spilling, rolling around in the grass, digging a hole…and getting dirt between each toe.  After each adventure, it’s “Time for a bath!”  This is a really wonderful book with lots of rhyme and repetition – it might have worked better for our Infant Storytime if the illustrations were larger, but overall I could see that some of the infants were engaged in the story.  It makes a great lap read.


bed book

I sensed the babies weren’t ready for another story so I moved on to a flannel board activity, but I wanted to share the premise of this one.  It is actually a great book for infants.  What usually happens before bedtime?  A bath!  Sandra Boynton makes her animal characters come alive as we see them standing on the deck of a boat right before bedtime.  The bedtime ritual begins with all of them racing down below to take a bath in “one big tub”.  We see them hang up their towels on the wall, find their pajamas, brush their teeth and go up to the deck when the moon rises.   What they do on the deck seems a little strange before bedtime (I’ll keep that part a secret), but it lends an element of humor to the story.  Of course they eventually say good night, turn off the lights and “rock, and rock and rock to sleep.”






Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub

And who do you think they be?

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker

Who all went out to sea!

Rub a dub dub