In November, we celebrated TELLABRATION!:  a week of stories and storytelling.  Among the activities was a short-short story contest.  Children ages 8-12 were invited to write stories of 55 words or less, and each site choose the best story from their submissions to win a Folkmanis puppet!  Here are the winning stories (to see any entry larger, just click on the photo):


Hazel came up to me. “Hi” she said. “Are you alright?” “No.” She sat down next to me. “What’s the matter?” “Them.” I pointed to the bullies that tore my brand-new dress. “Oh” she said. “How big’s the tear?” I took my hands away from my body. “Oh.” Hazel put her sweater around my waist. By Zanna, age 10


The Blue Cat: There was once a blue cat. He was extremely excited because he was going to eat some red bubble gum. He slowly took off the wrapper and chewed the gum. He blew a big bubble. The mix of blue and red turned the cat purple! He spit out the gum and turned blue again. By Ellis, 8 years old


CJ, Rebel, Maile and Cali were part of the herd. Fleet of foot, sharp eyed, long legged. They roamed the confines of their territory, free to forage, to romp. They understood pack mentality and looked out for each other in the deep grass and rose scented garden. Pack of wolves? No… just my four dogs! By Heather, age 11


The Beauty of Flowers Flowers are earth’s children that pop out of the ground. They smell like candy. They look like candy and like princesses. Their petals float like feathers in the breeze. That’s the beauty of flowers. By Alexia, age 11


There wer 2 friends a dog and a pig and they loved to swim and fly and how said pigs can’t fly well they can. When they had lunch they hade cucambers and cookies and then they toce a nape and live happily ever after By Xeia, age 10



Once there was a princess. Her name was Annebell and she lived in the towers of Ameli city. When she discovered the lost city she dropped the news and took of with her friend Lilly. They raced to save the city. And then all was lost and they had not saved the code’s name city. By Tessa, age 10



Song Lee, Ruby and Mike went to the fair to give a birthday party for Mike. First, they ask the judje. Next, He has to say yes. Then they decorate the fair last people came. They had food and had lot of fun. Mike said this is the best birthday party ever. The end. Esther, age 7


Congratulations to all our winners!!  Great job!