Sophie Young is a smart girl who is in love with everything about Chinese culture.  Grace Yang, her best friend, is a cunning and clever superspy-wannabe.  Together, they are Young and Yang, unstoppable sleuthing duo!  There’s something…OFF… about their school counselor Dr. Agford, but every time they think they know what it is, they’re thrown a curve.  Worst part is, Sophie is in pretty big trouble for spying in the first place.  What’s a spy to do?  Find out in the book The Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher, and sign up for our Kids’ Writing Workshop August 15 when you will get to meet her in person and hear her tips and tricks for improving your writing!

I love the tone of the book and the humor packed into every page.  I love other characters too, like smart-mouthed Trista and shy, smart cyphering Rod!  You’ll fall in love with these characters, too–and maybe learn how to create your own!