Today the Kids’ Writing Workshop wrote exercises from Write This Book by Pseudonymous Bosch!  Bosch (is that his REAL name??) will be coming to Pasadena on Dec. 13.  Everybody got a “Save the Date” to help mark their calendars.  He writes hilarious mysteries for kids and has a new book coming out called Bad Magic.  In Write This Book, he turns the tables around and makes the kid reader the author of the mystery book.

One of the things the kids did was continue a scene started by Bosch in which a brother wakes up his sister after hearing a series of strange noises.  The kids had fun making the story either humorous in tone, with dialogue or character quirks, or suspenseful, with all kinds of shocking things happening.

Another exercise we took from the book was to write a voicemail greeting for a character and then write the messages other people leave for him or her.  I suggested the kids write about book characters, and they had fun doing that!  They wrote voicemails for Charlie Brown, Carter Kane, Harry Potter, and more.

Finally, the kids drew pictures and/or wrote about what they would wear or where they would live when they become famous writers someday.  You know, because it’s very important that a writer has a great wardrobe!

Below are some photos, including the kids’ writing.  Next month, on November 21st at 4:30 pm, we’ll discuss how to get published in publications that seek submissions from child authors.  Then on December 13, be sure to come to the library at 2 pm for our author event with Pseudonymous Bosch!

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