Can’t get enough dinosaurs?  Want a fantastic, highly visual, interactive guide to many of the most famous ones?  If you’ve got a good web browser like Chrome or Firefox, point it to and check out the amazing facts about dinosaurs and the animals that lived alongside them, gathered by the people at BBC Earth. 

For each dinosaur or other prehistoric creature, you will see information about when they lived, where their fossils were found, what their habitat was and what we know about their lifestyle. 

 gorgosaurus facts

You’ll even get the Scoop on their Poop!

 gorgosaurus facts 2

You can watch cool videos, hear about the latest dinosaur findings in the news, and even ask the BBC’s resident paleontologist your questions about dinosaurs or paleontology!


There’s plenty on this website to satsify even the most expert dinosaur lover.  We’d love to hear what you learned!  And if you’d like to see our newest dinosaur books, just click here to be taken to the dinosaur books in our online catalog, where you can request copies to come to the branch of your choice.  Thanks for reading!