Even though it’s a hot 94° here, September always makes me think about autumn and starting school.  So what better theme for our first September preschool storytime than apples?

To find any of the items used in today’s storytime, just click on the photo of the book.

Books We Shared

Our first story today was Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell, illustrated by Michael Terry.  Poor Hedgehog is just trying to fit into her nest for the winter, when an apple falls from the tree and is stuck in her quills.  Even though her well-meaning friends try to help her out, things just go from bad to worse.  Who will help Hedgehog?  To find out, pick up this fun story at your local branch.  The second book we read incorporates the alphabet into the story – Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray.  When a young girl bakes an apple pie, her dog wants a bite of it, and he will not be deterred.


Flannelboard Stories

Today we shared two flannelboard stories about apples.  The first, A-P-P-L-E, was based on the song BINGO.

A-P-P-L-E Flannelboard1
We started with all the letters on the flannelboard and sang:

(to the tune of BINGO)
“There is a fruit I like to eat and apple is its name-o.
and apple is its name-o”

Then we turned the first letter over.  Each time there was a blank apple, we clapped in place of the letter.
A-P-P-L-E Flannelboard2

“There is a fruit I like to eat and apple is its name-o.
and apple is its name-o”

Continue this way until you’re clapping all the letters.

Our second flannelboard was, “An Apple Tree”.  We said a rhyme and did the accompanying motions.

An Apple Tree
Way up high in the apple tree (lift hands above head)
Four red apples (hold up 4 fingers)
smiled at me (smile)
So I shook that tree as hard as I could (pretend to shake the tree)
And down came an apple.
Mmm… was it good! (rub tummy).

Continue with the rhyme until all apples have been eaten!

Film We Watched

Today we watched Chicka Chicka 1,2,3, based on the book of the same name by Bill Martin Jr, available on the DVD Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 and more stories about counting.  In it, playful numbers climb their way to the top of the apple tree.  But will there be a place for zero?


Continue the Fun

Here are more great apple books for you to check out and enjoy!