Building Your Child’s Brain One Craft at a Time!

     In this era of  video games, tablets, TV and more, it is nice to know that a simple activity like crafting offers tangible benefits.  Crayons, markers, popsicle sticks, coloring pages, cotton balls and construction paper provide a virtual gold mine of learning possibilities.  When a child works on a craft project all sorts of things are happening in the brain, it’s like magic!  Neurons are firing, new connections are made, synapses are strengthend — crafting actually helps build your child’s brain.

     Specifically, crafts aid children in developing fine motor and problem solving skills,  allow for exploration of colors, shapes and texture, provide opportunities for creative expression and give you and your child a chance to bond through shared activity.  So if you’re wondering why many of our storytimes end with a craft, this is why. 

     For some excellent craft ideas to try at home, check out the craft books in the Children’s Room at Central Library.  We’ve got books on holiday crafts, Earth Day crafts, all-girl crafts, paper crafts, farm animal crafts – the sky’s the limit.  You might find that crafting is just as enjoyble for you as it is for your little one(s).


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