One little alligator swimming in a pool... along comes another and then there were two
One little alligator swimming in a pool… along comes another and then there were two…

Stories we shared

For Pete’s Sake by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Egad, Alligator! by Harriet Ziefert

Snip Snap! What’s That? by Mara Bergman

Draw and Tell

No Pets Allowed by Richard Thompson follows a boy named Timmy.  Timmy really wants a pet, but no pets are allowed in the small apartment where he and his family live.

This draw and tell is perfect for preschoolers and great for repetitive and chant-along phrases.  Toddlers closer to three also enjoyed this story, but this may be too confusing for the very young ones.  The older kids–about 1st to 2nd grade–picked up quickly what the end product would be.

Read the full story here.

Film we watched

We watched a film about an alligator taxi, called Monty (from the DVD Crazy Hair Day).  The film was based on the picture book by James Stevenson.


“Mini Alligator Bag Puppet”

alligator puppet

This small puppet is based on a version of this one from  It was redrawn to fit the scale of the small paper bags.


alligator template
paper bags
glue sticks

How to make them

1. Color the template

2.  Cut out the alligator template

3. Glue the pieces onto a paper bag.  I suggest gluing the inside of the mouth first, then the head, body, and finally legs and arms.

Pajama Storytime, Hastings Branch Library 7/8/13. Ages 3-8.
Infant and Toddler Storytimes, Central Library 7/9/13