Today’s storytime featured fun animal tales!



Night Owl by Tony Yuly

A baby owl flies through the night, listening carefully to different sounds as he tries to find Mommy Owl.

Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure by Derek Anderson

One very happy pig — one bubbly bathtub. Everything is perfect until nine more join in! And ten? Ten wiggles and squeezes and surfs his way in. One pig looks to take a relaxing bath in solitude, only to be joined by another pig, then another, then another. When Pig Number 10 jumps into the crowded tub, the first pig comes up with a plan to enjoy his bath.


“Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

“5 Little Ducks”

“Here is thunder here is thunder” :

Here is thunder here is thunder

Hear it roar, hear it roar

Pitter, patter raindrops

Pitter, patter raindrops

I’m all wet

“This Little Piggy”

This little piggy went to the market’

This little piggy stay home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy stay home

This little piggy had none

This little piggy went we, we, we, all the way home

“Jack in the Box”

Jack in the box!

Sits so still.

(Child crushes in a ball)

Won’t you come out?

Yes I will (child jumps up)

“I had a little Turtle”

I had a little Turtle

His name was Tiny Tim

I put him in his bathtub

To see if he could swim

He drank up all the water

And ate up all the soap

How he is in  bed

With bubbles in his throat.

Bubble, bubble,

Bubble, bubble

Bubble, bubble. bubble, bubble. bubble … POP

“Itsy Bitsy Spider”


Spanish Storytime was presented by Lupita at La Pintoresca Branch Library.