One City One Story 2016 Writing Contest: “A Vivid Memory”

Honorable mention

Category 1: Grades 3-5


“My Big Fish Story”

by David Lowe III

Grade 3

Home school


This memory is about the first time I went rainbow trout fishing with my family at Shaver Lake, and we caught nothing. I went home down-hearted. Then my dad said, “We will keep coming until we catch something.” The next day, Papa went to the store to buy bait. Luckily, he met a man who had many fish stories from Shaver Lake. He gave us secret advice to fish near the boat docks. The next morning, dad and I woke up early and went to Starbucks. Yes, I was tired, but also eager to go on our adventure. We got on the curvy road that leads to Shaver Lake. When we finally pulled up to the lake, it was cold. I was thrilled to cast my line into the water, but I was soon bored. We kept casting in, but caught nothing but seaweed. We were about to go home when I got a bite. I pulled the reel so nervously fast. I could see the fish was as huge as my arm! I was about to reel it in when, “SNAP!” the line broke. I was going wild. This is terrific! I thought sarcastically. Then my dad ran with the net into the water, water up to his knees, the fish swimming away with my line, and my dad barely scooped it into the net. I was screaming my head off, “We caught it!” It was the biggest fish I’ve ever caught in my life. I learned a lesson: you should never give up. Guess what I had for lunch?

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