I’m a little behind in posting about my Summer Infant & Toddler storytimes.  This one was presented on August 11, and we had stories all about bedtime!

Books We Shared

Tuck Me In by Hacohen
In infant storytime, we began things with a new book by Elizabeth McPike and Patrice Barton called Little Sleepyhead.  This is a sweet rhyming book about all the busy parts of baby that get tired during the day.  The illustrations are nice and soft, but the best thing about them is the wonderful diversity they capture.  Infants love board books, and our next two stories were larger format board books:  The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton, and Wild! Bedtime by Courtney Dicmas.


For toddlers, we started off sharing in the bedtime routine with a family of rabbits in Wendy Watson’s Bedtime Bunnies.  Our second story celebrated the more interactive elements of bedtime as we helped various animals get ready to sleep in Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt.

Flannelboard Story

5 in the Bed
5 in the Bed Flannelboard cropped
Template and song taken from Making Learning Fun

There were five in the bed,
and the little one said,
“It’s crowded!
Roll Over!”
So they all rolled over
And one fell out.

How many were in the bed now?
That’s right!   4!
There were four in the bed…

**Continue counting down until…

There was one in the bed
and the little one said

“I’m Lonely!”
So all the others climbed back into bed.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
And everyone drifted off to sleep.

Nursery Rhyme we Shared in Infant Storytime

For our Nursery Rhyme flannelboard we helped Little Bo Peep find her errant sheep.

Little Bo Peep
Little Bo Peep Flannelboard 1 Little Bo Peep Flannelboard 2

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
and doesn’t know where to find them.
Leave them alone,
And they’ll come home
Wagging their tails behind them.

Film We Watched in Toddler Storytime

“Four Beds” from Baby’s First-Word Stories: Nighttime

4 friends are having a sleepover, but all of them are having trouble falling asleep!  Will they each find a bed that suits them best?

 Continue the Fun

The library has a many more wonderful stories to enjoy at bedtime or anytime!  Visit your local Pasadena Public Library branch to read these or others.

Children’s Room – Infant Toddler Storytime – 8/11/2015