Infant & Toddler Storytime: Chickens

For the last storytime of our Summer Infant and Toddler Session, we shared stories about chickens!

Books We Shared

With so many new friends made through ten weeks of storytime, it seemed fitting to start infant storytime with Pepo and Lolo are Friends by Ana Martín Larrañaga.  The pig and chick are different, and may sometimes fight, but they are always friends.  For our second story we read Chick by Ed Vere, that follows the big events in a day in the life of a new chick.  Parents may realize that chick’s day is quite similar to their own little one’s.

To start things off in Toddler storytime we read about a chick who is poly-lingual in This Little Chick by John Lawrence and had fun making a wide variety of different farm animal sounds.  And if making noise wasn’t active enough, our next book Is Everyone Ready For Fun? by Jan Thomas had us stomping, dancing, and jumping.


Flannelboard Stories

5 Eggs and 5 Eggs
FiveEggsandFiveEggsFlannelboard1 FiveEggsandFiveEggsFlannelboard2
This is a fun rhyme that you can also do as a fingerplay.  Just follow the actions listed with the rhyme below.

Five eggs and five eggs (hold up 5 fingers on one hand, then the other)
And that makes ten (wiggle 10 fingers)
Sitting on top (make a fist with one hand, cover the top with other hand)
Is Mother Hen
Crackle crackle crackle (clap hands for each crackle)
What do I see? (arms out and shrug)
Ten fluffy chickens (hold up 10 fingers and wiggle)
Yellow as can be.

5 Little Chickens
 Five Little Chickens Flannelboard1 Cropped Five Little Chickens Flannelboard2 cropped
(Patterns and poem taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra.)

Said the first little chicken, with a queer little squirm,
“I wish I could find a fat little worm.”

Said the second little chicken, with an odd little shrug,
“I wish I could find a fat little bug.”

Said the third little chicken, with a sharp little squeal,
“I wish I could find some nice yellow meal.”

Said the fourth little chicken, with a sigh of grief,
“I wish I could find a little green leaf.”

Said the fifth little chicken, with a faint little moan,
“I wish I could find a wee gravel stone.”

“Now see here,” said the mother, from the green garden patch,
“If you want any breakfast, just come here and SCRATCH!”

Nursery Rhyme we Shared in Infant Storytime

In our nursery rhyme, two gentlemen traveled for fresh eggs.

Hickety Pickety My Black Hen
HicketyPicketyFlannelboard1 HicketyPicketyFlannelboard2
Flannelboard pattern taken from Mother Goose’s Playhouse by Judy Sierra.

Hickety pickety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen.
Gentlemen come every day
To see what my black hen doth lay.
Sometimes nine and sometimes ten,
Hickety, pickety, my black hen.

Film We Watched in Toddler Storytime

“Diva Hen” from Little Bear’s Band

Hen loves to sing opera.  But will her friends like how she sings?  Or will they laugh?

 Continue the Fun

The library has a many more wonderful stories to read and cluck with!  Visit your local Pasadena Public Library branch to read these or others.

Children’s Room – Infant Toddler Storytime – 8/18/2015

Jennifer Driscoll

Jennifer D. is a Senior Librarian of Youth Services . When she was young, she was once grounded for reading too much. Things haven’t changed much since then and she loves escaping into a good story. When she’s not reading she enjoys watching old musicals, scouring flea markets, taking way too many photos and letterpressing. If she could have any pet she wanted she would have a wombat or a manatee.

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