On 12-13-14…

guests gathered in our auditorium for Pseudonymous Bosch, bestselling author of the Secret series.  Mr. Bosch introduced the audience to his new book Bad Magic, performed some silly magic tricks, and made everyone laugh.

pb Bosch display


The Secret series



In addition to meeting Mr. Bosch himself and getting books signed (book sales provided by Vromans), guests donned on disguises at the photo booth, ate some not-so-secret snacks, made secret pocket books, and worked out the clues to a self-directed clue hunt.

20141213_173232 20141230_145934


13 clues — the self-directed clue hunt


20141213_155242 inside the bag


our unselfies

unselfie2 20141213_155345


secret pocket book craft

Using small white paper bags, a hole puncher, some string, and random scraps of paper, kids created little booklets with “secret” hidden pockets.  Children’s Room staffers Marie Plug and Leela Perea helped the kids create some awesome designs (and even witnessed some of their secrets… accidentally, of course).  (photos by Marie Plug)

secretbook10.1 secretbook7.1 secretbook5.1 secretbook6.1 secretbook2 secretbook3 secretbook4.1 secretbook8.1 secretbook1



From the Photobooth

bosch photobooth

Photobooth services provided by Russell Gearhart Photography
A selection of photos from the booth:

photobooth14 photobooth15 photobooth16 photobooth17 photobooth18 photobooth19 photobooth20 photobooth21 photobooth22 photobooth23 photobooth24 photobooth25 photobooth26 photobooth27 photobooth01 photobooth02 photobooth03 photobooth04 photobooth05 photobooth06 photobooth07 photobooth08 photobooth09 photobooth10 photobooth11 photobooth13 photobooth12