What better way to kick off summer than with food? With just a few days into the start of Summer Reading Club, our theme “Reading is So Delicious” continues to delight.

Stories we shared

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


The flannel board story is based on Oliver Jeffers’ picture book The Incredible Book Eating Boy.  Not necessarily about food per se, but certainly amplifies our theme of Reading is So Delicious!

The story is about Henry who loves to eat books.



Book Eating Boy flannel

Film we watched

We watched Possum Magic, based on the book by Mem Fox.  Possum Magic is about two possums who go on a journey in search of the magic ingredients to make one of them visible again.


“Book Eating You”


printout of boy
book catalog magazines or pictures of book covers
glue sticks
(optional) crayons

How to make them

1. cut out pictures of books
2. glue books into the stomach of the drawing
3. (optional) color the picture


Some examples from the storytime kids:

book eating boy collage
book eating boy craft

Hastings Branch Pajama Storytime 6/10/13. For ages 3-8.