Pajama Storytime: Dogs Vs. Cats

Stories we shared

I Don’t Like Gloria! by Kaye Umansky
No Dogs Allowed! by Anne Davis
Dog in Charge by K.L. Going, illustrated by Dan Santat

Woof Meow Tweet-Tweet by Cecile Boyer

Film we watched

Katie Loves the Kittens from the book by John Himmelman

Craft time

Cat and dog bookmarks


paper cat and dog outlines
strips of cardstock (any color)
tape or glue

How to make them:
1. color the cat or dogs
2. fold over a corner of the cardstock strip
3. tape or glue the cat/dog head on the folded end of the cardstock

pajama storytime1

Hastings Branch Pajama Storytime 5/21/13

For ages 3-8

Jane Gov

Jane is a Youth Services Librarian at Pasadena Central Library. She purchases YA books for the library system and maintains the teen booklist, online resources, and webpages. She oversees Teen & YA programs including Summer Reading, Advisory Board, Zine, book reviewers, Teen Mental Health Initiative, and volunteers. She also coordinates the library's Innovation Lab, STEAM Kits project, and Young Readers League. She also conducts a few kids events and storytimes. Jane is a contributor to VOYA Magazine and a YALSA Board member.  A majority of her free time is spent with her two corgis Tyrion and Gimli. She tweets as @missjanegov.

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