On July 28, 2018 we had the library’s big STEAM Fair, showcasing our new children’s STEAM Kits for families to check out, as well as the new Innovation Lab and the many kits for teens and adults. In the main hall there was a fair with all kinds of tables and local science, technology, engineering and math organizations showcasing what they do.

In the Children’s Room, we had a STEAM Storytime, STEAM Kits open for families to play with, art contest entries on display, the Art Contest Winners Announcement in the Story Room, and a program called STEAM Careers in Pasadena: Arson Inspector in our Story Room.

STEAM Careers in Pasadena: Arson Inspector

This was a great presentation for tweens and their families, with Fire Battalion Chief Wendell Eaton who talked about the science of fires, how he determines the causes and fuel of a fire, and how to prevent wildfires. He shared some great digital resources to help patrons stay informed about fire threats or respond in the case of a wildfire igniting.

Here are some pictures and videos from his important talk!


Throughout the day families got to explore our new STEAM Kits, and this was especially a highlight for the little kids who were too young for the arson inspector program and the art contest program. People got to play with coding games, building toys, science toys and musical instruments and kids had so much fun! Everyone couldn’t wait to check out the kits and we immediately developed a waiting list for them!