Kids’ Art Salon is in it’s fourth year!  To celebrate this milestone AND to pay homage to STEAM 2018, we thought we would focus on architecture & engineering.  Architecture is the perfect choice for Pasadena’s year of STEAM because it incorporates science, technology, engineering, art and math!

For our third session of the year, we covered the topic of BRIDGES.

Highlights from the Powerpoint Presentation

We started with a Powerpoint presentation which discussed the definition of a bridge, different types of bridges, bridge construction, the strongest geometric shape for a bridge (the triangle), the types of triangles generally found in bridges (equilateral & scalene) and how bridges actually work (compression and tension).

Whew!  A lot of information to digest in 30 minutes!  This information set the stage for the “Truss” project which involved building the strongest bridge possible with sticks, glue and electric cable ties.

Here are a few slides from that presentation:

Videos of how bridges work:



Materials needed:

Popsicle sticks (4-1/4″ – 6″) – at least 200 sticks per bridge

Craft glue, glue guns and/or book glue

Electric cable ties (can be found at Home Depot for a few dollars)

Completed Truss Bridges

A Beam Bridge made of Legos 

The PROCESS of Building



Join us for the fourth Kids’ Art Salon of 2018!  We’ll be talking about Classical Architecture (Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture).  Sign up at Central Library’s Children’s Room desk or call 626-744-4066, option 4.  The next Art Salon will be held on Wednesday, December 12 from 4-6 p.m. at Central Library ~ Studio on 4th.