We had the Pasadena Garden Club celebrating their 100th anniversary with a flower show in the library this past weekend.  Of course, we had to bring the flower fun into preschool storytime!

Books We Shared

FransFlower Planting a Rainbow by Ehlert
In our first book, Fran’s Flower by Lisa Bruce, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, Fran finds a pot with a little green bit in it.  She wants to help it grow, but what is the best food for a plant?  It must like the same things as Fran, right?  So she feeds the plant pizza, hamburger, ice cream and more!  But does the plant like that?

We also spent some time Planting a Rainbow with author Lois Ehlert’s book of the same name.  This is a beautiful celebration of plants of all colors.

Flannelboard Story

5 Pretty Flowers
5 pretty flower flannelboard cropped
(from FingerTales by Joan Hilyer Phelps)

5 (4, 3, 2, 1) pretty flowers
In the meadow grew.
“Hmmm,” I said
“I bet they smell pretty too!”
I bent down to sniff (sniff big)
But they ticked my nose!
Ah-CHOO!  (sneeze really big)
Oh, no!
Away one flower blows. (Remove one flower.)

Rhymes & Songs We Shared

We had a lot of fun planting, and being plants, at this storytime!

The Gardener Plants the Seeds
(to the tune of: The Farmer in the Dell)

The gardener plants the seeds. (pretend to put a seed in the ground)
The gardener plants the seeds.
Heigh-ho, let’s watch it grow,
The gardener plants the seeds.

Other verses:
The rain begins to fall… (move your hands down & wiggle fingers like rain)
The sun begins to shine… (open and close hands to form finger “rays”)
The plant begins to grow… (hands together, move upwards)
The bud opens up… (hands, palms together, move palms apart a bit)
The flower smiles at me… (big smile)

I’m a Little Green Weed
(to the tune of: “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little green wee (crouch down)
growing fast! (stand up quickly)
I’m hiding in the garden (cover head)
but it won’t last. (shake head no)
Someone’s going to find me (hands over eyes, searching)
and give a SHOUT. (Cover hands over mouth on shout & say it louder)
Then bend right over (bend down)
and pluck me out. (Pretend to pull weed)

Music We Shared

Singing is a great way to share words and rhythms with your baby.  While you don’t need a music cd to do this, we do share some songs from cds in our storytimes.

“Jump Jump” from I’m a Rock Star by Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights

more singable songs
“Shake My Sillies Out” from More Singable Songs by Raffi

Film We Watched

 My Garden by Henkes
“My Garden” from 20 Stories for Spring. Based on the book by Kevin Henkes.

A little girl enjoys helping her mother in the garden.  But if she had her own garden, it would be full of magic.

 Continue the Fun

Still want more?  Check out these fun books all about you at your Pasadena Public Library Branch.


Preschool Storytime, Central Library 4/23/2016