From feeling invisible to almost being invisible, these characters are not quite invisible.


“We Clap and Sing Hello” (to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”)

We clap and sing hello
We clap and sing hello
With our friends at storytime,
We clap and sing hello

(Wave and sing hello, Stomp and sing hello, Hop and sing hello)

Credit: Storytime songs


 Little 1 by Ann and Paul Rand: Lonely number one is rejected by all the digits playing happily in their own groups, but with a friendly hoop as a zero they become the number ten.
 A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes: A lonely, invisible bird adorns himself with brightly-colored feathers and flowers hoping to attract friends, but after catching the eye of a fox he runs so fast he loses his treasures and learns a lesson about friendship.


 Mae and the Moon by Jami Gigot: Mae and the moon love to play together. Their favorite game is hide and seek. But when the moondisappears one evening and cannot be found, Mae wonders what happened and begins to worry. Determined to find her glowing friend, Mae takes matters into her own hands and sets off on a wonderful and curious voyage through her imagination.


The flannel board story Square Cat, is based on the picture book by Elizabeth Schoonmaker. The story was adapted for the flannel board.

Eula is a square cat, but wishes she was round. Her round cat friends try to cheer her up by showing Eula just how great it is to be square.

The craft below is also based on Square Cat.


Square Cat flannel 2 Square Cat flannel

Draw & Tell

draw and tell lady bug

“Where’s Lucinda?” by Jerry J. Mallett and Timothy S. Eruin. From More Stories to Draw.

Friends Beula Beetle and Florence Fly had been waiting a long time for the friend Lucinda. They search for her, but can’t seem to find her anywhere.


“The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”

Based on the book by Linda Williams; illustrated by Megan Lloyd. This film is narrated by Barbara Rosenblat.

From the DVD The Day of the Dead and more Halloween Tales

One fall night a little old lady hears CLAP, CLOMP, SHAKE in the woods and has the first scare of her life.

Pasadena Central Library Preschool Storytime 4/16/2016