This month we answered questions about Judy Moody, Girl Detective / Judy Moody es detective by Megan McDonald.  We had three new families join the group tonight!  It’s nice to see the program grow.  The new kids did a very good job too.  Everybody did.  The bonus round this time was more of a stumper than previous battles I think, but there were a few times that I saw everybody in the group holding up the right answer–a “picture perfect” answer, I call it!

I want the kids to remember that while a total of up to 40 points is possible, 20 points is actually a “perfect score,” if you consider the bonus question just a “bonus.” 20 is a great score!  18 or 16 is a great score!  Don’t lose heart if you don’t get 40s all the time.

Also, please remember answers can’t be changed–after your scorekeeper sees your answer and writes it down, he’s not going to come back around to you and check it because he has too many other kids’ answers to take.  It’s just not doable, so please be careful and really think about your answer before you give it.A parent came to me at the end to say how much her 2nd grade daughter has grown in her reading skills over the course of this year, becoming a much more confident independent reader.  And I get the same feeling from many of the kids and parents, that this program is doing a lot for kids’ confidence.

I think the kids are showing that confidence in their discussions of the books. Here are some clips from our discussion:

If you know a 2nd or 3rd grade student who would like to participate in this program, please call AnnMarie at 626-744-4725 or email anhurtado [at] cityofpasadena [dot] net.  Our next battle will be about another Megan McDonald book, Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid / Stink, el increíble niño menguante.  I ran out of English copies tonight but will have more tomorrow afternoon!