Kids had a blast yesterday drawing their own plastic charms and watching them bake in the toaster oven!

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Several kids made special gifts for their dads for Father’s Day or for other family members or friends.This father’s day gift really warmed my heart, and I’m sure his dad will love it too:

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One girl got really creative and attached several plastic charms to an earring to make a lovely dangling earring:

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If you want to make these yourself, all you have to do is buy a box of Shrink Art from Michael’s or Target.  Draw your picture on the plastic, cut around it, leaving plenty of room above your picture for a hole to go, then use a regular hole puncher to make the hole.  Get an adult to help you bake it for about 60 seconds in your toaster oven.  While it’s baking, you will watch it balloon upward and get all stretchy, then collapse down and shrink until it is about half its original size!  It’s really fun to watch.
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Once it has started to flatten out in the toaster oven, it’s done.  Your parent can take it out carefully (it’s HOT!) and place it on a flat surface, then flatten it with a heavy book or something.  It cools in just a few seconds and then you have a plastic charm you can link onto jewelry!
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All the designs came out so beautiful. Here are some pictures Miss Jennifer took with her camera:

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And here are some pictures I took with mine. My camera doesn’t do these designs justice though!

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I’m just so glad everybody had a good time and went home with a beautiful new treasure!

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