It’s fall, but temperatures are starting to warm up this week.  Why not celebrate the outdoors with birds!

Books We Shared

Everyone knows that the early bird catches the worm.  But in this week’s infant storytime, we learned that there may be more to that story than we thought thanks to Toni Yuly’s cute Early Bird.  Next, we followed a baby bird throughout the seasons with the beautifully illustrated Nest by  Jorey Hurley.  With only one word for every two pages, this book has simple text, but much to look at and talk about on each page.

In toddler storytime we shared the trials and triumps of Baby Bird by Joyce Dunbar, illustrated by Russell Ayto.  Baby Bird just wants to fly, but he didn’t get it quite right on his first try — will it ever get the hang of it?  There is a lot in this story for a toddler learning his or her way around the world to relate to.  Next we shared Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert about a cat who makes his way outside for a treat — but the birds know exactly how to take care of that.


Flannelboard Stories

Both of the flannelboard stories that we shared today can also be done at home with your child as a fingerplay!

Here Comes a Little Bird
Here Comes Little Bird Flannelboard2 cropped Here Comes Little Bird Flannelboard3 cropped

(Flannelboard pattern & rhyme from Felt Board Fingerplays by Liz & Dick Wilmes. Art by Janet McDonnell)
Here comes little bird. (Your fist is the bird.)
He’s landing on my HEAD. (Land where you want on your child, and have them name the part.)
Bye, bye little bird. (Fly bird away.)
Bye! Bye! Bye! (Wave to bird.)


5 Little Red Birds
5 Little Red Birds Flannelboards cropped

Five little red birds, pecking at my door.  (hold up five fingers)
One flew away, and Then there were four.  (hold up four fingers)
Four little red birds sitting in a tree.
One pounced on a worm and then there were three. (hold up three fingers)
Three little red birds calling, “Coo-coo-coo.”
One flew to a nest and then there were two. (hold up two fingers)
Two little red birds sleeping int he sun.
One woke and hopped away and then there was one. (hold up one finger)
One little red bird, as lonely as could be.
When it flew away, all that’s left was me! (point to self)


Nursery Rhyme

Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Nimble Flannelboard

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over the candlestick.

To make this into a bounce, start with the child on one leg, when Jack jumps over the candlestick, lift child into the air and have child land on the other leg.

Film We Watched

Baby's First Word Stories Outside DVD
“Let’s Look for Birds” from Baby’s First-Word Stories: Outside

How many birds can Iggy and Edward find?

Continue the Fun

Share more bird stories with your infants or toddlers at your local Pasadena Public Library branch.
Click the cover of each book to find it in the library catalog.



Children’s Room Infant Toddler Storytime 11/4/2014