We had fun reading stories about some very “interesting” pets…there was a pet elephant (yes, a pet elephant), a lithe, slim cat who suddenly grew very, very BIG, an orphaned dog who found a home with seven pesky cats AND some squeaky clean pigs who got into some dirt and ended up a bit mottled.  There were also some rhymes, songs and movement games we added to the mix.  All in all, we had a pet-tastic storytime!

Here are some of the stories, songs, activities & rhymes we shared:


Opening songsWelcome Song, Hello Friends (in sign…sung to the tune of Hello Ladies), Clap Your Hands  (Wiggleworms)

Action Rhymes & Movement:  Open Shut Them, This is Big…, My Head My Shoulders My Knees My Toes

Closing Songs:  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Big Gigantic Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, ABC (Baby Loves Jazz CD) & Goodbye Friends (in sign…sung to the tune of Goodbye Ladies)

Flannelboard Story:

Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean  






Five pigs so squeaky clean

Cleanest you’ve ever seen

Wanted to go and play outside


One jumped into the mud,

Landed with a BIG THUD!

Now there are four pigs so squeaky clean.

Oink, oink…

(Four, three, two, one)



More stories to share at home: