Each week I’m sharing stories by kids who attended last year’s NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program in November 2020. We’ll be doing the program again this year; stay tuned!

This week we’re showcasing stories by Sedonah and Sundai!



Sedonah’s novel Mallory and the Magic is about a girl named Mallory whose parents were killed by the evil Magical Masters, the same people who killed the parents of her best friend Ava. Now they are coming for her too.  This would be a good read for fans of J.K. Rowling, Sayantani DasGupta, or Ruth Hatfield.


Excerpt from Mallory and the Magic:


So it all started a couple of years ago when the Magical Masters killed my parents. I was outside the house playing ball with my friend Ava Adams. We were both twelve years old at the time. Ava’s parents had died shortly after she was born but, her parents and mine were close friends so they let her stay here with us.

Anyways, while we were playing, I started to smell smoke. I just assumed it was my imagination so didn’t worry about it, but the smell started to get worse. So I looked around and that’s when I saw Ash with a couple of other people from the Magical Masters creating fire everywhere.

I dashed into the house scared, trying to find my parents, because I had heard that these people were dangerous…


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Sundai’s book is called Horrifying Stories That Will Keep You Up at Night. The first story is a real chiller! It’s about a witch who makes pillows for children, but despite her good intentions, they all turn out deadly. This book would be a great read for fans of Alvin Schwartz, R.L. Stine, or Patricia McKissack.

Excerpt from Horrifying Stories That Will Keep You Up at Night:

There once was a witch who lived in a small town full of children. She was seen as a normal girl, in other words, no one knew that she was a witch. Her name was Margaret Green Graves, and she made pillows for the children as a living, but she made no ordinary pillows, sometimes they would get a little “pokey”…

“Hi Ms. Graves, may I purchase the ultra-comfort pillow?” said Zoey.

“Why of course! And I heard your mother is sick. How’s she doing?” Ms. Graves asked.

“Not very good, she says she still has a headache, and she keeps throwing up,” little Zoey responded.

“Well, I hope she gets better. That’ll be 20 dollars,” Ms. Graves said.

They exchanged items, then Zoey headed home. And soon enough Ms. Graves, or Margaret, headed home as well, but before she fell asleep there were two words that came out of her mouth, and those words were, “Sleep Tight.”


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