Preschool STEAM (for children ages 2-6) is all about having fun with science, technology, math and art!  There is no right or wrong way for children to experiment – the fun and learning comes from the doing!  Early childhood research shows us that little hands and minds learn best when at play.

For our February STEAM adventure, we explored buoyancy and density!

Supplies Needed

Kiddie pools or pails/containers filled with water

Various objects that either float or sink in water

Aluminum wrap




Buoyancy & Density

Whether an object sinks or floats depends on its density. Everything is made of molecules. Molecules are tiny particles that can only be seen with a microscope. Some objects have molecules that are packed closely together. Others have molecules that are packed more loosely. This is density. Objects with tightly packed molecules are denser and sink. A paper clip or a penny is dense. Objects with more loosely packed molecules are less dense and float. Wood, cork or sponges float.  Easy Science for Kids


What Floats?  What Sinks?  Kids Find Out!

Making boats that float using aluminum foil.  Which design will hold pennies while floating on the water?

Join us on Monday, March 23 for another Preschool STEAM adventure!  Location: Central Library Studio on 4th or Children’s Patio (as weather permits).  Time: 10:30-11:30 a.m.