On Saturday, August 31st we had a reception honoring the winners and honorable mentions of our Art and Writing Contests. This year’s theme was “Fractured Films,” fitting with our Summer Reading theme, “It’s Showtime at Your Library!” We got beautiful art and writing entries that were inspired by films, but incorporating some creative twist. You can see what films inspired each picture. (And even check them out for free from the library!)


Children (8-12 years old)


1st Place Winner, Children’s Category:

“Save the Sea” by Audrey Khloé Montañez

Film inspiration: Jaws









































Creative, funny, but also has an important message about being environmentally aware! Nice use of color on the turtle. Creative twist on the Jaws poster art.
Beautiful and striking use of color and application of the watercolor technique.
Clever twist on the source film.
The glitter on the turtle’s shell is beautiful! The colors are blended well. The thick linework emphasizes and brings forward the turtle.
Wow! What a creative twist on the iconic Jaws poster. You delivered a powerful message! Excellent job.
Fun nod to the classic Jaws poster with a very pressing modern issue centered–great watercolor use and subtle gold metallic really adds some pep!
Great use of colors and a funny wink to Jaws! Also such a beautiful drawing with an important message.
Amazing skill with the watercolor! The sea turtle’s shell is magical. Great use of color and texture of paint.
I love this undersea picture so much for its meaning and message. Great work in this color and execution.
Love the artwork, the colors, and the message. Also like its take on Jaws!


2nd Place, Children’s Category:

“Star Wars Moments” by Eric Sebastian Morales

Film inspiration: Star Wars Trilogy


























Our judges said:

Humorous dialogue. Good detail and accuracy in the drawing of the Millennium Falcon!
Very nice technical drawing! And great addition of humorous conversation!
Funny punchline!
The details in Millennium Falcon is extraordinary! The delicate shading and pencil strokes brings emphasis to the Star Wars moment.
The detail is terrific. Very funny dialogue!
Nice pencil work–good detail, obviously the Millennium Falcon and nice comedic twist there!
So much detail and nice inclusion of a funny space joke. Totally sounds like the kind of unseen conversations I’m sure they had on board.
Great work in capturing all of the details with pencil.
I like how this image of this Falcon makes me feel like flying and farting. Great humor.
Simple but very detailed. Also funny!
Great job on creating the Millennium Falcon.



3rd Place, Children’s Category:

“3 Musketeers” by Mackenzie Reid

Film inspiration: Homeward Bound
























Our judges said:

Nice drawing of landscape features and perspective.
The animals especially are nicely drawn and a good focus point right away. Very nice use of the colors of greens and oranges and yellows.
Nice imagery.
The colors in the sunset is beautiful and the background allows the viewers to breathe through the piece and the red lines brings attention back to the pets.
Very detailed dogs — They are lifelike. The use of color shows great contrast. I love the contrast of nearness and distance too. Great job!
This is a fun piece, nice use of mixed media–really makes you want to go outside!
I love the design of Chance the dog, and great depiction of the looming wilderness ahead of them.
Great work showing the emotional journey of traveling home for these 3 Musketeers.
This picture makes me happy that they are free and together.
The doggies and kitty are too cute. Great theme and use of color.

Honorable Mentions:


“Ewok Celebration” by Hazel Ramos

Film inspiration: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


























“Team Work” by Nora Mu

Film inspiration: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone








































“Gryffindor Spirit” by Sarah Paterson

Film inspiration: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
































“Heaven’s Pride” by Aliyah A’Hirataro

Film inspiration: The Lion King

































For teen artworks visit our Teens blog:




Reproductions of all of these beautiful artworks are on display permanently in the Children’s Room at Central Library, above the juvenile fiction! And our teen winners’ original works are on display in Teen Central, the 4th Floor at Central Library. Congratulations to all of our winners and honorable mentions!


Here are some photos from our reception: