In last Saturday’s storytime, we shared some great stories and flannel rhymes about DRAGONS – FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS!  We also lost a dragon in New York City. That was scary!

Here are the books, songs, flannel boards, action rhymes and video we shared.

Our Library Dragon – Percy.


Books We Read

There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher is all about a baby dragon who hatches.  Yay!  Baby dragons are cute!  There’s just one problem.  He breathes fire.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem – dragons breathe fire right?  But he’s in a BOOK and books are made of paper and well…you can guess the rest.  This is a humorous, interactive picture book that keeps children engaged with the twists and turns of the story.  Plus, they get to put out alot of fires (pun intended).

Have You Seen My Dragon by Steve Light is a romp through New York City!  A boy and his dragon make their way through the Big Apple but the boy keeps losing track of his dragon and he needs our help!  The dragon gets lost in the strangest places and we get a chance to count all sorts of things as we try to find him – hot dogs, water towers, dogs, manholes and more (not necessarily in that order).  There is no way a child can look away from this book as the dragon must be found (and the colorful items must be counted).  A great book for teaching counting, paying attention to detail, exploring a big city and learning different things about how a city works.  And of course, there’s the mischievous dragon.

Flannel Board

My Dragon Needs Some Help!

My red dragon got into a little accident and lost some very important attributes ~ I mean how can a dragon do it’s job without wings, or teeth or proper dragon hair?  Not to worry though.  My storytime children helped me put my red dragon back together again.

Five Little Dragons

Five little dragons with great big scales,
One lost his balance and bumped his tail. (clap hands)
He cried “Ouch!” and breathed some fire, (shake red scarf to mimic fire)
And then he flew away, higher and higher. (flap arms)

Four little dragons…(Continue until there are no little dragons.)

Action Songs & Fingerplays

We share a lot of songs, bounces & rhymes during storytime!  You’ll find lyrics/words to those songs & rhymes we shared without CD accompaniment here.

Welcome, Welcome Everyone
(to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle)

Welcome, welcome everyone,
Now we’re here let’s have some fun!
First we clap our hands just so,
Then we bend and touch our toes.
Welcome, welcome everyone,
Now we’re here let’s have some fun

Open Shut Them – Video:  Open Shut Them

Open, shut them, open, shut them, (open and close hands)
Give a little clap, clap, clap.  (clap three times)
Open shut them, open shut them (open and close hands)
Put them in your lap, lap, lap. (place hands in lap and bounce them 3X)

Creep them, crawl them, creep them crawl them, (crawl fingers up arms)
Right up to your chinny  chin chin. (place fingers on chin)
Open up your little mouth (open mouth and say ahhhhhh)
But do not put them in!! (put hands behind your back)

Credit:  Mel’s Desk

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Video:  Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider
Went up the water spout
Down came the rain and
Washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
Now the itsy bitsy spider
Went up the spout again

You are my Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
And I love you more every day.

Goodbye Friends (in sign) – Video:  Goodbye Friends

Goodbye babies, goodbye friends,
Goodbye friends, it’s time to say goodbye.

Music from CDs We Shared

Children love to sing and dance to music.  Here are some of the action songs & rhymes on CD that we used in storytime.  Click onto the CD titles to find these items in our library catalog.

“Clap Everybody and Say Hello” from Sally Go Round the Sun by Carol Hammett and Elaine Bueffel

“We’re Going to the Market” from I Love to Hear the Sounds by Kathy Reid-Naiman [With Shaker Eggs]

“Oh Children Ring Your Bells” from I Love to Hear the Sounds by Kathy Reid-Naiman

“Jazzy ABCs” from  Go Baby Go!  by Baby Loves Jazz

Video We Shared

The video we watched:  Polly Parrot

(There aren’t very many videos about dragons for preschoolers.)

Continue the Fun at Home

If you’d like to read more books about dragons,, check out these fiery books from your local Pasadena Public Library!