Young Readers League 2018 Writing Contest

Honorable Mention

Category 1 (ages 8-11)


Lucca Sandino

Age 11 (Grade 6), Blair Middle School



Once upon a time, a young boy named Henry was born in a big city named Tanker City. When Henry turned eight, he and his parents moved to a different town named Timblyworth. Timblyworth was a small and friendly town with both new people and people who had lived there a while. It was a cold day in January when Henry and his parents moved into their new house. From the very beginning, Henry thought there was something strange about the town.

Once they unpacked their stuff, Henry’s mom told him to go out and make some new friends. Henry really didn’t want to make friends, but his mom made him. So Henry went out and the first thing he found a mouse tap dancing. He thought that was very strange and kept walking until he fell down a steep slope. That was strange too because the town was very flat. When he got to the bottom of the slope he couldn’t see the town anymore.

Henry climbed back up to the top of the slope but when he got there the town was gone. There was only a dog rolling around in the grass with a silly expression. He wondered why the dog was smiling and suddenly the dog jumped on Henry and he fell back down to the bottom of the slope onto something soft and realized it was his bed. Henry looked up and he saw the town again. He realized he had fallen asleep and was dreaming. The best part was Henry’s parents had surprised him with a new dog who became his first best friend in his new town.

The End

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