In July we launched a new program: “Art & Play” for children ages 2-6.  One Monday morning each month, we focus on “process art”. With process art the fun is all in the doing, there are no rules;  it involves exploration and tactile learning with no specific outcome.  In the end you always end up with a work of art, even if it isn’t planned!

For August, we focused on creating marbled paper with shaving cream and liquid watercolors!  We didn’t use any painting tools this time – just our hands.


We had a variety of liquid watercolors, cans of shaving cream and craft sticks on hand for our materials.

Everything we used was washable and non-toxic.


We covered our Studio on 4th in tarps, and let the artists use their hands (and feet) to create with the materials we had available.


Some were more interested in exploring how the water, shaving cream AND colors mixed together!





We got really messy, but it was all in good fun!

All enjoyed themselves, had fun with art, and created some really beautiful masterpieces!


Please join us for our next Art & Play for ages 2-6 on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 10:30 at the Studio on 4th at Pasadena Central Library.