We read books about mixing colors, drawing monsters and using a circle and a square to create all sorts of things.

Let’s take a closer look:

Herve Tullet covers color mixing in Mix it Up!  Each page invites interaction and imagination as children use their fingers to mix colors and create different hues.  A great book for teaching this concept and a crowd pleaser during storytime.  In Jeremy Draws a Monster, Peter McCarty introduces us to a boy who tends to stay indoors and draw…nothing wrong with that until he draws an incorrigible monster who mercilessly bosses him around.  Eventually the little boy gets wise to this and draws him a bus ticket, a suitcase and a bus that will take him away.  There’s a sweet ending as he cautiously ventures out to play with the neighborhood kids.  Finally, in Wednesday by Anne Bertier, we find a little orange circle and a big, blue square that meet every Wednesday to create something new.  Things get away from the little orange circle as the big blue square starts to show off and leaves little orange in the dust.  Eventually, little orange suggests a compromise and asks to work together to make wonderful art.  Of course it all ends well with cooperation and creativity at the core.

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VIDEO:  Daddy Pig Puts Up a Picture

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Extend the storytime experience at home with some of these books:

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