At today’s Toddler Storytime, we learned about the letter T, and the importance of Talking!  Talking, Singing, Playing, Reading and Writing are the five activities that you can do with your child every day, to get them ready for school and ready to learn how to read.  For more information about the Five Early Literacy practices, the Kent District Library has a very informative page about current research and what you can do to support your child’s cognitive development.

Finally: T is for Teacher!  You are your child’s first and best teacher, so take time every day to fill your child’s mind with new words!

T felt board


We read Peek-a-Moo! by Marie Torres Cimarusti and illustrated by Stephanie Peterson.  Lift-the-flap books are great fun for toddlers!




And we also read Quack! said the Billy Goat by Charles Causley, and illustrated by Barbara Firth.  This is a classic and the way it turns animal sounds upside-down makes it a hit with toddlers who love being surprised.



Continuing with the animal sounds theme, we learned about the words that each animal says.  Like how dogs say “Moo” and cats say “Quack”…

Animal Sounds felt board mixed up


Wait a minute… That’s not right…

Animal Sounds felt board fixed


Now this is much better!  We fixed the animals so that they are saying the right sounds now.  Yay!

This is a great way to encourage your kids to talk.  Toddlers really open up when you present them with something they know is wrong or silly, and then they can tell you how to do it the right way!

We did a lot of the same songs we did last week but we learned some new ones too.  We sang “Old MacDonald” and tickled and giggled to “Round and Round the Garden,” and finally, we learned a new goodbye song.

Goodbye, friends 

Goodbye, friends

Goodbye, friends

It’s time to say goodbye

It’s very easy, so if you missed it this time, join us next week and you’ll catch along very quickly.

Also, there were some questions about if you get to keep your spot if you’re unable to make it once or twice.  Just to clarify, you never lose your spot!  Once you’re in, you’re in!  You’re welcome to come whenever you can.  But if for any reason you decide you can’t come anymore, let us know and we’ll let a new family in.  Otherwise, don’t worry about missing it now and then–we know it’s crazy sometimes getting places with a toddler.  (And I know that for sure.)

Have a great week!