Happy First Day of March!  To celebrate this, and all the rain that has been visiting the area, we had an “In like a Lion…” themed storytime!

To find any of the items used in storytime, just click on the photo of the book.

Book We Shared

“March comes with a roar” in this rhyming story by Marion Dane Bauer of a lion who comes to visit, turning snowy winter into unforgiving rain and an ugly beginning to spring.  But don’t worry, lion won’t stay around forever! We also played brave explorers of the imagination as we went on a lion hunt!

Flannelboard Story

There is a drought in the land, and the magic tree will only give fruit if the animals can call it by name.  But can anyone remember the tree’s name for long enough?  We exercised our memories with Uwungelema, a flannelboard story taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra.  If you would like to read another version of this story, try The magic bojabi tree written by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated by Piet Grobler.
Uwungelema Flannelboard

Movement Rhyme

Play the lion at home with this fun rhyme!

I’m a Lion
I love to sleep out in the sun (rest cheek on hand)
And chase other animals just for fun (run in place)
In the jungle I’m number one! (point to self, then lift up pointer finger like number 1)
I’m a (ROAR!)…

Movie We Watched

It’s fun to visit the Happy Lion when he is at the zoo.  But what happens when he decides to visit town?  Find out in “The Happy Lion” available on the DVD Corduroy.. and More Stories About Caring.

Continue the Fun

Roaring for more?  Check out these other lion books today: