Infant Toddler Storytimes – Opposites – June 24

Short/Tall…High/Low…Big/Small…Fast/Slow!  We had fun with the concept of opposites today – pairs of words that have different meanings!  Understanding this basic concept will help prepare your child to  “follow directions, engage in classroom routines, and provide descriptions…” (  Children learn best through engagement, play, music and stories…here’s what we shared during our Opposites Storytime:




















Flannel Board Story (sung to tune of Five Green & Speckled Frogs)

Five pigs so squeaky clean

Cleanest you’ve ever seen

Wanted to go and play outside

Oink! Oink!

One jumped into the mud

Landed with a big THUD

Now there are four pigs so squeaky clean

Oink Oink!

(countdown to 3…..2…1…0)

Action Rhymes:

This is Big…

This is big big big (spread arms wide)

This is small small small (put hands close together)

This is short short short (put hands close together vertically)

This is tall tall tall (spread hands up and down)

This is fast fast fast (roll hands together quickly)

This is slow slow slow (roll hands together slowly)

This is yes yes yes (nod head up and down)

This is no no no (turn head from side to side and wave finger “no”)

Open Shut Them

Open shut them (open and shut hands)

Open shut them

Give a little clap clap clap (clap hands)

Open shut them (open and shut hands)

Open shut them

Place them in your lap lap lap (place hands in lap)

Creep them crawl them, creep them crawl them (crawl fingers up each arm)

Right up to your chin chin chin (touch chin)

Open up your little mouth (mouths open…ahhhhhh…)

But do not let them in (crawl fingers into your mouth quickly)

Action Songs:

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill

One was short and the other was tall

Fly away short…fly away tall

Come back short, come back tall

(Repeat with other opposites;  for example:

[One flies low & the other flies high; One was quiet and the other was LOUD, etc.)

My Head My Shoulders My Knees My Toes 

My head my shoulders my knees my toes (touch each body part as you sing)

My head my shoulders my knees my toes

My head my shoulders my knees my toes

Let’s all join hands together (REPEAT 3X getting progressively faster)

Opening songs:  Hello babies (in sign); Clap Your Hands (Wiggleworms CD) (see previous post for lyrics – Saying Hello storytime)

Closing songs:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Itsy Bitsy Spider; Baby ABC (Baby Loves Jazz CD) & Goodbye babies (in sign)(see previous post for lyrics – Saying Hello storytime)

Video:  Spot’s Party 



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