For the first storytime of the infant toddler storytime session, we shared books about cats.

Books We Shared


We began in infant storytime with Sleepy Kittens, by Jill and Martin Leman.  I’m sure this story was very familiar to all in the audience who have cats — the sleepy kittens want to sleep everywhere but where they should!  Next we celebrated cats of all types with I Love Cats by Barney Saltzberg.

During toddler storytime we began things with Mama Cat has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming.  This is one of my favorite toddler books of all time.  3 of Mama Cat’s kittens do exactly as she does — but Boris, well, he does things in his own time.  The illustrations are bright and beautiful, and it is so much fun to read aloud.  Later, we read Thumpy Feet by Betsy Lewin.  We extended the story by having the toddlers pretend that they were Thumpy as I read — they got to thump, smack, yawn and nod their way through the story.  Taking a book and then finding ways to interact with the book or make it come alive is a great way to improve your child’s early literacy!

Flannelboard Stories

Five Kittens in the Bed

(Adapted from “Ten in the Bed”)
There were five kittens in the bed,
And the little one said, “It’s crowded.  Roll over.”
So they all rolled over, and one fell out;

There were four kittens in the bed…
There were three kittens in the bed…
There were two kittens in the bed…

There was one kitten in the bed,
And the little one said, “I’m lonely.”

So they all got back in the bed,
And the little one said, “Good night!”


Nursery Rhyme

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle.
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed, to see such a sight.
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Film We Watched

“The Truth About Puppies and Kittens” from The Poky Little Puppy and Friends

There’s a new cat on the farm!  Will it be as scary as Poky thinks?

Continue the Fun

Cuddle up with these other cat stories for infants and toddlers at your local Pasadena Public Library branch.
Click the cover of each book to find it in the library catalog.



Children’s Room Infant Toddler Storytime 10/14/2014