Sorry it took me so long to post this! My daughter was sick, so I was out a lot this week.

Last Tuesday’s storytime was about Writing, one of the five early literacy skills your child needs so that they can start school ready to learn how to read. Since learning about shapes and playing with writing instruments are two great ways your baby can get practice with this skill.

Our letter of the day was W:

W felt board
That’s a killer whale at the bottom, but it’s hard to see against the similar black background.



Our first book, Andrew Drew and Drew by Barney Saltzberg, is a book in the tradition of Harold and the Purple Crayon–it’s about a boy who loves to draw, who starts with a line and ends with “magic”!


After that we read We Love Each Other by Yusuke Yonezu. This board book has bright, crisp illustrations with windows, bringing two animals together to make a shape.

we love

We also told a story about shapes at the playground, and reunited the baby shapes with their mommies and daddies:

Shapes at the Playground felt board


We sang Zoom Zoom Zoom, Here is the Beehive, and Icky Bicky Soda Cracker:

Icky Bicky Soda Cracker
Icky Bicky Boo
Icky Bicky Soda Cracker
Up goes you!

Icky Bicky Soda Cracker
Icky Bicky Boo
Icky Bicky Soda Cracker
I love you!

Don’t forget: June 3 is our last class and registration for the next session (with Miss Marie) starts June 10th!