Ice Age – Preschool Storytime

We had mammoth-sized fun today in our Ice Age storytime!

Books We Shared


All our books today featured mammoths.  First, an animal enthusiast took us through the steps of mammoth pet care in How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Kate Hindley.  TIP:  Make sure not to get soap in its eyes.  Mammoths hate that.  Next, when a caveboy is hungry, and both his mom and dad are busy, it’s up to him to find something to eat, in Me Hungry! In A Mammoth in the Fridg by Michaël Escoffier and illustrated by Matthieu Maudet, a family is startled when they find exactly what the title describes — well, most of the family is surprised anyway.

Flannelboard Story

The Mammoths in the Ice Age
Mammoths in the Ice Age Flannelboard2
(to tune of: “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The mammoths in the Ice Age went
trumpet, trumpet, trumpet,
trumpet, trumpet, trumpet,
trumpet, trumpet, trumpet.
The mammoths in the ice age went
trumpet, trumpet, trumpet,
All around the land.

Other verses:
The saber tooth tiger in the Ice Age went growl, growl, growl…
The ground sloth in the Ice Age moved slow, slow, slow…
The camel in the Ice Age went spit, spit, spit…
The dire wolf in the Ice Age went howl, howl, howl…
The man in the Ice Age said big, big, big…


Try this fun rhymes at home with your child!

The Mastodon

The mastodon goes like this and that (walk heavily from side to side).
He’s terribly big (hold hands out to side)
And he’s terrible fat (bring hands around to make circle around tummy).
He had no fingers (wiggle fingers).
He had no toes (wiggle toes).
But goodness gracious — what a nose! (Make a trunk with arm).

Movie We Watched

Just like animals of the Ice Age, dinosaurs are extinct.  Today we watched the story of one who didn’t know this: “Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She was Extinct”.  This is based on the book of the same name by Mo Willems.

Continue the Fun

Still want more Ice Age stories?  Keep cool with these stories at your library:

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Jennifer D. is a Senior Librarian of Youth Services . When she was young, she was once grounded for reading too much. Things haven’t changed much since then and she loves escaping into a good story. When she’s not reading she enjoys watching old musicals, scouring flea markets, taking way too many photos and letterpressing. If she could have any pet she wanted she would have a wombat or a manatee.

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