Today’s storytime featured stories about a big (or sometimes little) critter with four clawed feet, a tail, a big mouth with sharp teeth, scales, and wings… You guessed it! (or at least the kids did from the flannelboard opening) … DRAGONS!

dragon flannel



Freddie & Gingersnap by Vincent X. Kirsch

Dinosaurs and dragons rarely get along, but when Freddie, a little dinosaur with his head in the clouds, meets Gingersnap, a little dragon trying to learn to fly, they soon find common ground.

Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light

In the heart of the city, among the taxis and towers, a small boy travels uptown and down, searching for his friend. Readers will certainly spot the glorious beast, plus an array of big-city icons they can count. Is the dragon taking the crosstown bus, or breathing his fiery breath below a busy street? Maybe he took a taxi to the zoo or is playing with the dogs in the park.

Draw & Tell

dragon draw tell

The Princess and the Critter, draw & tell by Richard Thompson

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was thoroughly sick of hearing her father’s knights brag about how they battled fierce dragons… So one day she set off herself to do battle with a dragon…




“The Polka Dot Horse” from Mike the Knight: Magical Mishaps

While Mike is training to be a knight, his younger sister Evie wishes to become a wizard. Accompanied by her pet frog Mr. Cuddles, Evie uses spells to help Mike with his missions, but a series of magical mishaps occurs.  In this episode, Galahad is covered with polka dots right before they pose for a knightly statue, so Mike and his dragon friends try to figure out to get rid of the dots on time.


Pasadena Central Library, Preschool Storytime 9/06/2014