Last Wednesday the creative juices were flowing during the Accordion Book Craft program!  Kids ages 5 & up (and some adults – you know who you are…) put together some magnificent works of art.  Crafting activities aren’t just for fun – they do have specific developmental benefits for children.  Adults may find them therapeutic for other reasons.  🙂   The benefits listed below were taken from a blog post found on a website for North Shore Pediatric Therapy.  I thought they were a great reminder of how important creative pursuits are to your child’s growth AND to the deepening of  familial bonds.  Some of the benefits may refer to the earlier stages of development, but others point to areas that apply through the teen years and beyond.

5 Benefits of Arts and Crafts:

  1. Bilateral Coordination– Crafts which require coloring, drawing and cutting require your child to use both hands together. This skill is important for accomplishing more complex, tactile tasks as they continue to grow.
  2. Fine Motor Coordination– In order to draw shapes, cut patterns, and handwrite, children are required to use fine motor coordination. These skills similarly translate to other areas of their lives, such as dressing ,eating, and in the academic setting.
  3. Self Regulation–  Crafts are a great way to promote flexibility in your child. There is no right or wrong way in exploring one’s own creativity!
  4. Self-esteem booster– Although we want to challenge our kids, it is also important to initially choose arts and crafts that are at their skill level. Completing crafts successfully gives children a great sense of accomplishment and pride. As you and your child/children begin to explore more crafts, you can add in more and more challenges
  5. Bonding and fun-Your kids will love spending time with you


Join us at Central Library for our next craft program – we’re thinking of having a family craft activity every other month!  Supplies are always provided…

OH and make sure to scroll all the way down to the end of this blog post; otherwise you might miss examples of the wonderful artistry produced by the children…  Happy Crafting!!!

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