Are you taking a trip to a far off and distant land with your family this summer?  Or even a quick flight to visit family members?  Will it be your child’s first experience on an airplane?

If so, you may want to check out some of the great books we have for kids on airplanes, airports and first flights.

Just in is the new book Flight 1-2-3 by Maria van Lieshout.  This is an adorable, graphic counting book that takes readers through a trip to the airport, the airplane, and finally to the destination.  It’s charming and just right for the youngest of travelers.


Help your child get excited about air travel by introducing your children to all the different types of planes out there.  Jonathan London’s A Plane Goes Ka-Zoom! is brightly colored overview.


For first time travelers, My First Airplane Ride is a great choice – it moves from through a first airplane ride, from takeoff to touchdown.


Another look at a first time flyer (and doing it all alone!) is First Flight by David McPhail.  While the boy is well-behaved on a trip to see his grandma, his teddy bear is another story…


Continuing the theme of flight and toys is Miss Mouse Takes Off by Jan Ormerod.  By tagging along with her young friend, Miss Mouse gets to experience flight!  It gives a great overview for what children can expect on their upcoming flight.  (Even if they don’t serve free lunches in airplane trays anymore).


Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker takes a more technical look at taking a journey by plane with rhyming text that goes from terminal, to ground crew working with luggage, to the flight deck and the control tower to touchdown.  It also includes a diagram of airplane parts.


Wherever you are headed for the remainder of your summer, the Pasadena Public Library is sure to have something to enhance your trip!  From books about flying, books about the locations you are off to see, or audiobooks to make the trip go by faster, you’re sure to find something to make your trip more fun.  And the staff is always here to help you select just the right item.