Infant Toddler Storytimes – Thanksgiving!

We shared a traditional Thanksgiving song, a delicious “pie” story and flannel board, said hello to fall, sang songs, enjoyed the nursery rhyme Little Jack Horner, and watched Max eat way too much stuffing in the video, Max’s Thanksgiving.  There was also a simple “turkey” take-home craft.

A Song for Thanksgiving by Lydia Maria Child

This book is meant to be sung – illustrations of a country Thanksgiving filled with snow, a sleigh, pumpkin pie and the love of family accompany the lyrics to this New England Thanksgiving Classic.

What’s Thanksgiving without pie?  In All for Pie and Pie for All by David Martin, we see a reverse take on the classic tale of The Little Red Hen.  Grandma Cat begins the fun by baking a delicious pie which she shares with her kitty family and (unbeknownst to her) with a family of mice and ants.  After the pie is ALL gone, Grandma Cat declares that she’s still hungry and asks if she should bake another pie.  Of course ALL say yes and ALL (cats, mice and ants) offer to help her bake the new one.  Great cadence and gentle yet interesting illustrations.  A big hit with the toddlers!


hello fall







Hello Fall!  Cute board book for the infants.


 Flannel Board Song (sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)

Pies Pies Pies

Pies Pies Pies

Yummy yummy pies

Yummy yummy pies

Pumpkin, blueberry and cherry too

Apple and key lime to name a few

Chocolate and lemon, how about you?

I love pie!

That’s no lie!

Thanksgiving ST 003









After singing our pie song,  we identified the different types of pie  and the corresponding colors.  I also made the children close  their eyes while I removed the Pumpkin pie slice; I then asked  them to open their eyes and try to guess which pie slice Miss Marie ate!  It was great fun as they tried to determine which flavor was missing…

Video:  Playtime with Max and RubyMax’s Thanksgiving

Craft: Paper plate Turkey!

Materials needed:

White paper plate (you can leave the background white or color it brown with a marker and mark the edges in different colors)

Black eyes cut out of black construction paper

White eyes cut out of plain computer paper.

Red construction paper for the wattle

Yellow construction paper for the beak








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