We read stories about mice, tried to figure out which house little mouse was hiding in,  watched a short play performed by Cat-e-Kins and Mouse-e-Kins (two very talented hand puppets), sang some of our favorite songs with Maisy and much, much more!   Below are the highlights of our Tuesday morning Infant and Toddler storytimes:


Little Mouse, Little Mouse…are you in the Red (Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow) House??  (I place the mouse behind one of the houses and the children have to guess where mouse is hiding…great fun and good for identifying colors, practicing focusing skills and developing critical thinking abilities.)

PUPPET THEATER performed by Cat-e-Kins & Mouse-e-Kins:

There was a great big cat and a teeeennnny little mouse

who ran round and round in a great big house UNTIL

that teeeennnnny little mouse got CAUGHT at last

because that great big cat ran around sooooo fast!


Hello Babies….Good-bye Babies…(in American Sign Language)

Clap Your Hands (Wiggleworms CD)

My Head, My Shoulders, My Knees, My Toes….

This Little Pig Went to Market (Wee Sing for Baby CD)

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Itsy Bitsy Spider

 VIDEO:  (Bonus – Sing-a-Long with Maisy)

More “MOUSE” books to read at home with your little one(s):