Every once in a while, kids need to go wild!  But every kid knows that even if it drives you far away, the best place to end up is home with people who love you.


I’m Bored by Michael Ian Black

When a bored girl meets a potato who finds children tedious, she tries to prove him wrong by demonstrating all of the things they can do, from turning cartwheels to using their imaginations.

Petunia Goes Wild by Paul Schmid

Petunia decides to stop being a human child and start living the life of a wild animal, much to her parents’ displeasure.

Bella’s Rules by Elissa Haden Guest

Bella knows the family rules but lives by her own, as well, causing her behavior to be “too wild, too rude, and too risky” until Granny brings her a puppy with similar problems.

Flannel board

wild things

Felt board story based on Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.



“Zigby’s Kite” from Zigby’s Jungle Vine DVD.

Zigby the zebra and his friends are causing mischief again!  McMeer causes trouble when he gets stuck inside Zigby’s giant kite.

Pasadena Central Library, Preschool Storytime 1/11/2014