In last week’s Saturday Preschool Storytime we sheared — eerrr I mean, SHARED, books about sheep!

Books We Shared

In Boo and Baa Have Company by Lena and Olof Landström, it’s autumn, and sheep Boo and Baa are raking leaves when they hear a strange meowing.  Where is it coming from?  There’s the cat — stuck in the tree.  The sheep try to get the cat down – with a plank, luring it with food, but all they do is manage to get Boo stuck in the tree too!  Maybe the cat doesn’t want to get down.  Or does he?

Did you know that sheep are baaa-d drivers?  Or, at least, the sheep in Nancy Shaw’s Sheep in a Jeep, illustrated by Margot Apple are.  They don’t look where they are going on get their jeep stuck, and ruined!  But they are enthusiastic, and it sure is fun to read this rhyming romp of a story.

Flannelboard Story

Most of us know that Mary had a little lamb, but in our flannelboard story she had more than just one lamb!

Mary’s Many Color Lambs

(Rhyme from Lisa at Libraryland, who found it from LibrErin, who found it on Recipes for Reading. Recipes for Reading linked to a template at Making Learning Fun that I used to make the sheep pieces.

Mary had a little lamb
little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb
its fleece was white as snow.

But Mary had more than one lamb! Pull out a different color lamb.
What color is this? (Blue!)
And what else is blue? (The sky!)

Then sing:
Mary had a blue lamb
blue lamb, blue lamb
Mary had a blue lamb
its fleece was blue as sky…

Continue using as many colors/lambs as you’d like.


We were lambs and dancing sheep in our movements for this storytime.

Little Lamb, Little Lamb
Little lamb, little lamb, turn around (turn around)
Little lamb, little lamb,touch the ground (touch ground with hands)
Little lamb, little lamb, jump up high (jump)
Little lamb, little lamb, reach the sky (stretch with arms overhead)
Little lamb, little lamb, sit right down (sit down)
Little lamb, little lamb, get ready to listen now (say this line quietly)

Dancing Sheep
(taken from Susan M. Dailey’s Fingerplays website.  She has a song you can listen to of it on her website too!)

Shhh!  It’s time to go to sleep
  (put finger to mouth, pretend to sleep)
But into my bedroom one sheep creeps.
  (creep fingers)

“Don’t go to bed,” the one sheep said.
“I would rather dance instead!”

Soon he was…  (draw these words out)
Dancing on the ceiling!
(move hands above head in “dancing” motion)
He was dancing on the floor!
  (move hands on floor as mentioned above)
He was dancing on the window!
  (move hands to one side)
He was dancing on the door!
  (move hands to other side)

He kept on…

Dancing on the ceiling!
  (sing faster)
He was dancing on the floor!
He was dancing on the window!
He was dancing on the door!
(repeat several times getting faster each time through)

“Stop that dancing, silly sheep.
It is time to go to sleep!”

Soon the sheep lay on the floor.
Soon the sheep began to snore.

So I started …  (draw these words out)
Dancing on the ceiling!
I was dancing on the floor!
I was dancing on the window!
I was dancing on the door!

 Continue the Fun

Here are some more sheep books to check out at your Pasadena Public Library Branch:


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