As you know, the 2015 Read to the Rhythm Teen Summer Reading Club is in full swing! If you haven’t registered, sign up here to win free books and a chance to  win an awesome guitar kit.


To make things even more exciting, there are two more contest teens can enter to win even more prizes so let the creativity and the music flow!

Song Parody Contest

Open to teens entering grades 7-12 in fall 2015. Contest deadline: August 8, 2015

Create a parody of an existing song. Extra points if it’s about a book!

Here’s how:

  • Title of original song
  • Type out your new lyrics and new title
  • Your song must be at least one stanza and one chorus
  • Send your entry to Jane Gov with “Song Parody Contest” in the subject line. Include your name, phone number, and grade you’ll be entering this fall.

First prize

  • $100 gift card Second prize
  • $50 gift card Third prize
  • $25 gift card

Some examples:

Dark Lord Funk, Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk:

All About the Books, No Trouble, a library’s parody of All About the Bass:

Create Your Own Book Soundtrack with Instagram

Now that you’ve read a great book, make it come alive with its own soundtrack on Instagram! This weekly contest is open to teens entering grades 7-12.

Here’s how:

  • Post a pic of your book and list at least five songs in the comments section that reflect what you read. There are $10 iTunes or Starbucks gift cards up for grabs, so be as creative, eclectic and original.
  • Post your soundtrack to Instagram with these tags: #artimitateslife #pasadenalibrary. Be sure to tag the name of your book and the author, since they will love hearing your feedback!
  • If you don’t have Instagram, it’s easy to download through Google Play or the App Store. If you are not yet 13 years old, please ask a parent or guardian to make an Instagram account and post your soundtrack with their permission and profile.
  • If your Instagram profile is set to private, please message us using the “Direct” function so we can take a look at what you created.
  • Winners will be selected weekly, June 13-August 8.

Here’s an example:


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