In the spirit of our Summer Reading “Paws to Read” theme, below is a selection of animal stories reviewed by teens.


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Amulet: The Stonekeeper
by Kazu Kibuishi
If you are looking for a book that is entertaining and fun, “Amulet: The Stonekeeper”, is the book. This book is fit for reading during the summer, the time of the year where kids get really bored and anticipate fun. This book is adventurous, interesting, and addicting. It is a book you can read during your leisure time for fun.  –Kevin W. (age 12) Rating 
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Because of Winn-Dixie
by Kate DiCamillo
This is my favorite animal story. Opal has just moved to Naomi, Florida with her father, a priest, and tells of her first summer there. She finds a stray dog at the Winn-Dixie supermarket and the workers threaten to call the pound. Opal doesn’t want that to happen, so she adopts him. Many good things happen until Winn-Dixie runs away during a thunder and lightning storm. Will Opal ever find him again? –Teresa F. (age 12) Rating 
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The Tiger’s Curse
by Colleen Houck
Kelsey gets a job to work for a circus and she meets a friendly tiger. The tiger turns out to be an Indian Prince with a curse that keeps him as a tiger for all but 24 minutes of the day. Kelsey goes back to India with the tiger Ren, to break the curse. –Reed F. (age 14) Rating 
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Tiger’s Quest
by Colleen Houck
Now that Kelsey has broken a fourth of the Curse Ren and his brother Kishan can be men for 6 hours. They continue on to break the full curse but they will find out that it will not be so easy.  –Reed F. (age 14) Rating 
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