Check out what we made during our Teen Read Week “Clocks & Cookies” program!

Program description: “Seek the Unknown” Sci-fi edition! Celebrate with themed snacks and activities. Discuss new books, nibble on sci-fi cookies, and make your own clock! Oct. 17, 2013

clockscookies collage

“Dreamhunter” by Stacia S.
“Nefelibata” by Ella M.
“Tangled Threads” by Faith C.
“Tardis” by Alethea A.
“Jack” by Thuy L.

"The Night Circus" by Jane G. (librarian)
“The Night Circus” by Jane G. (staff)

Materials used: discarded/damaged books, acrylics, stickers, modge podge, metallic Sharpies, clock kits

Tools: paint brushes, water, Martha Stewart Screw Punch, scissors

Live Long and Prosper

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