Things went much smoother at our most recent Lucha Libros battle on November 2nd. I noticed we had slightly lower attendance than last month… World Series Game 7, perhaps? 😉 (It’s okay, I forgive you–after all it was a historic game.)

We had a few new systems to manage the enormous participation this year:

1. Two check in tables arranged in alphabetized groups
2. Parent help with check in and snacks
3. A stand-up-sit-down system for helping scorekeepers move quicker through the crowd

Here’s a video clip I took to show how the standing up system worked. At first, the kids were slow to adopt the new command to stand up, but it just took them a few minutes and by the end of the evening they were shooting up all in one group like this:

Here are some more photos I snapped while onstage:




I wish I had a video of the kids during the discussion. It was such a blast hearing what the kids thought about Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve/Un castillo embrujado en la noche de Halloween by Mary Pope Osborne. They talked about their favorite characters, animals, and favorite parts of the book. They were surprisingly eager to use the microphone and I enjoyed having them talk into it.

I have good news for families who didn’t get into the program this year: I’m currently in talks with two branch managers about expanding the program to more sites next year, so that we can let in more kids! We may even be able to expand up to 4th grade… But more on that after I know for sure. Keep your fingers crossed for now!