The Boy with Compliments

by Christal Lee, grade 8


There’s this boy in two of my classes

He wears many hoodies

But he won’t wear hats, suspenders or glasses

Though he does have the mind of a goody, goody

He is the boy with compliments


Around the class he is very helpful

He is friendly and fun to hang around with

He acts respectful

He is this

The boy with compliments


His hands feel sandy

His eyes are dark brown

Has a voice sweet like candy

Sometimes he acts like a clown

But he is the boy with compliments


He gives corny advice

Has a smile too bright

Always says something nicer

And he won’t fight

The boy with compliment



Christal is a participant of Pasadena LEARNS‘ writing program.

See this poem and many others in our Spring 2015 Teen Zine. Pick up a copy at the library.

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