Jennifer Driscoll

Are you taking a trip to a far off and distant land with your family this summer?  Or even a quick flight to visit family members?  Will it be your […]

Since it was the first day of Summer Reading Club, and the theme for 2013 is Reading is Soooo Delicious, we had to share some food stories today.  We had […]

Infant & Toddler Storytime: Let's Eat!

Since “Reading is Sooooo Delicious” this summer, we finished off our spring session of infant toddler storytimes with yummy stories about food.  To access any of the titles in our […]

Today we had a wonderful time at our infant and toddler storytimes with books about construction. Stories We Shared           Film We Watched Changes Changes based […]

Today we had a jumping good time sharing bouncing stories at the Central Library’s infant and toddler storytimes!  Look below to see all the fun books we read together.  If […]

J Books with Jennifer

New finds and old favorites for children ages 7-10 (and older!). Recommendations by Children’s Librarian Jennifer D.