Citizen Science Kids Can Do at Home

Today marks the 55th day since schools closed. Although state and local governments are working to put a reopening plan into action, Pasadena Unified schools are going to remain closed for the rest of this 2019-2020 school year, and summer programs are likely going to have difficulty reopening too. So what are kids to do?

Enter Citizen Science! As citizen scientists, kids can play games and earn points for contributions toward scientific research, all from the safety of home. They can pass the time knowing that they aren’t just “passing time” but actually furthering a good cause, like studying wildlife in remote regions of the globe, tracking climate change, learning about distant galaxies, or discovering underlying causes of diseases to move researchers closer to finding treatments. 

So today I gave a webinar highlighting my personal favorite citizen science projects for kids to try. There are thousands of projects out there, and I must have played at least a few dozen of them before narrowing down my options. These are the ones that I feel offer the most learning opportunities, fun, and enrichment, while being kid-friendly and easy to do.

You can watch the recording here:

I hope you find something in this webinar that you’d enjoy playing! Download the slides here:

Citizen Science Kids Can Do at Home from AnnMarie Ppl

If you do, please tell me so in the comments!

And please sign up for our next Citizen Science webinar on Monday, May 11 at 3 pm, with ways that kids can help scientists fight Covid-19! Sign up here!

AnnMarie Kolakowski

I'm a youth services librarian working in the Children's Room at the Pasadena Central Library. I purchase juvenile nonfiction books for all sites, juvenile Spanish books for all sites, and juvenile DVDs for the Central Library. I do a lot of programs with school-age kids, including Lucha Libros, writing workshops, and STEAM/science programs. I also do 16 weeks of Infant/Toddler Storytimes each year. I love what I do, working with kids of all ages to inspire them to learn and use their curiosity and imaginations. Outside of my work at the library, I am also the author of a book on creative writing activities for kids.

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